Corona information


2 or more infections within the same team is the whole team 10 days in quarantine

Face masks

The use of face masks in the hall, changing rooms and walking routes is strongly adviced in the accomodation


Max 100 people in the swimming pool building. Go outside immediately after your match, no spectators allowed

Walking routes

Follow the walking routes in the swimming pool, also when changing halves during the match


The 1.5m norm applies to the reserve bench, during the warm-up, preparations, time-out and other activities, only exemption is the actual match. Do not shake hands (also not with the referee or after the match)


Next to each players bench there is a bucket with (chlorine) pool water for disinfection of the bench


The 1.5m norm also applies for the jury table. Two persons behind the table, 30s separate behind the upper-desk. After a jury session, disinfect your material (disinfectant available on site)